the pens are running out

Not even joking, my pens are running out. A sure sign that it’s time to wrap this baby up. Degree show is approaching, and as of today I’m making posters, sticking loose drawings and sketches into folders and sketchbooks, and in the background rendering bits of the films so I can finally comp it all together.

As I have full rough cuts for both works now, I’ve been working with a composer to get some nice music onto them, to carry the story a bit. I really like his sound so I hope we’ll be able to put together something good that we both are happy with.

While you wait, here are some things!ImageImageImage

the beginning of the end

It’s getting close to the finish line now, and it’s a shame because I feel like i’ve only just settled in to working stop motion. I’ve found it really difficult, it’s definitely not my calling, but practice is really having an impact on the way things are going. I’m also (perhaps worryingly) becoming increasingly attached to my little dark room space, so much so that wide open spaces and loud noises are becoming the broccoli to my sunday dinner. 



Where did all the days go

Last week I was very lucky in getting the opportunity to see Mark Andrews talk for 2 and a half hours on the principles of Animation, storyboarding and composition. Though I was initially a bit skeptical of the Pixar model of filmmaking, it was an incredibly valuable experience – there was a lot to learn and I only hope I keep it all in my skull.

It did however, have massive downside, in that now I’ve gone back to my films and want to make a bunch of dramatic changes. But I’m only making some.


Here’s a few pics


TEDx Edinburgh University and me

A very rushed project this was, but about one of the best things I’ve been lucky enough to be a part of. I’m a huge fan of TED and would do pretty much anything (ie putting my computer into a three day wheezing fit and breaking my Lent chocolate embargo) to be even a small a part of what they do. The event was organized by Edinburgh University, 

I was giving these cool drawings by Josh Peter which were used on all the publicity, and made a little animation in after effects to open the show.

And a big credit goes to Ana Roman for putting together an original piece of sound the night before, in between moving house!

I also did a little intro video for each speaker’s name, so below I’ll  link you to their websites via the images.

I can’t do them justice in a little blog post, but they were all (in true TED fashion) interesting and inspiring.

talking to the Beeb, looking like a dweeb

The BBC came into the studio a few days ago to talk to these guys about winning a sweet BAFTA (pretty amazing eh!) which was nice of them.

What was slightly less nice was the interview which I then gave about (and I’m paraphrasing) how I think there are no animation jobs in Scotland and myself and my piers be hot-footing it to London as soon as we graduate (I haven’t actually watched it with the sound on ), but I’m so out of touch I barely know what year it is (everyone’s wearing crop tops and listening to Whitney Houston – its 1991 right?).

Whether or not I’ll have to go to London to get a job, I don’t really know, I imagine so, but there are other factors to moving  (like weather and parties and boyfriends). 

Here’s a pic of me looking like I’ve been revived from a very long coma, forgotten to brush my hair and gone on a night out before showing up for work. 

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